Joe Finger Hall Of Fame Induction

Laura MesiaNews

Joe Finger, one of the founding designers of the Riverhill Golf Club is now joining Byron Nelson in the Texas Golf Hall of Fame(TGHoF). A celebration will be held this October 10th, 2016 to honor Finger’s accomplishments. Join us in celebrating our Riverhill Pride!

“A Houston native, Finger, who passed away in 2003 will be honored in the Lifetime Achievement category. He spent 45 years as an architect designing courses all over the world, and his widow Julia said he would be so very pleased to be included among the great Texas architects. ‘He started playing golf in Texas at a very early age and played until he was a very old man here. The Texas courses and the ones he did elsewhere meant so much to him.’ Finger teamed with fellow TGHoF member Byron Nelson to design the Riverhill Golf Club in Kerrville in 1998 near where he lived and also did a total renovation of Scott Schreiner Golf Club in Kerrville for his final project.”

From the Press release on Texas Golf Hall of Fame. For more information on the 2016 induction banquet, October 10, and ceremonies along with sponsorships, contact Mary Carriker, Managing Director of the TGHoF at or 210-736-8701.