Riverhill Staff

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Proudly serving the Riverhill Country Club Community.

John Junker
General Manager
830-896-1400 ext. 2250 | jjunker@southerngolfproperties.com

Janey Marcee
Front Office Manager
830-896-1400 ext. 2220 | jmarcee@riverhillcc.com

Matt Trevino
Director of Golf and PGA Professional
830-792-1143 | mtrevino@riverhillcc.com

Matt Trevino
Membership Director
830-792-1143 | bhargrove@riverhillcc.com

Garry Nadebaum
Director of Tennis
830-896-1400 ext. 2350 | gnadebaum@riverhillcc.com

Chase Carlile
Executive Chef
830-896-1400 ext. 2270 | ccarlile@riverhillcc.com