Firecracker Results

Niel PowersGolf Results

Congratulations to All the Firecracker Winners and Thank You to All the Golfers


1st Place:
-Blake Smith, Cheryl Smith, Donna Terrell, Dillon Terrell

2nd Place:
Harold Danford, Jeff Harris, James Salaz, Clay Steadman
3rd Place:
Scott Stumbo, Sean Stumbo, Jannsen Cain, Shawn Jones
1st Place:
Joey Thomas, Garrett Kaiser, Conor Baehre, Wes Hale
2nd Place:
Steve Ables, Brandon Ables, Matt Ables, David Ables (the whole Ables clan)
3rd Place:
Pat Wisdom, Kenny Manning, Steve Hoech, Steve Dedman
4th Place:
Goerge Stacy, Broun Stacy , Bill Stacy, Tommy Carden
5th Place:
Michael Wood, David Payne, Taylor Chamnis, Rolando Lopez
6th Place:
Chris Blanchard, Caleb Schmerbeck, Kaycee Schmerbeck, Stevie Jones
7th Place:
Becky Silva, Ben Silva, Mitch Harrell , Carol Harrell
Closest to the Pin: 

#2: Harold Danford
#8: Shawn Jones
#11: Mike Graxiola
#16: Kaycee Schmerbeck